SUNNY NORTON PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY - "Photographing My Way Into Your World"

What A Year It Has Been!!!

It's been a most successful year for me! Hard work does payoff, determination does lead to success! With the help of my brother Brian&my Mom, I've been able to photograph for even more people!!! 2015 is ending in a few weeks, And I look forward to 2016 with open arms, open mind and an open heart!!!

Thank you!!!

2015 Is Mean To Me, LOL

Well 2015 I tried a full time job photographing cars for a dealership, this company turned out to be bullshit, the photography department they didn't care about... Unbelievable!!! Then I'm hearing about my friends having babies with guys, where they haven't even met the guys families!!! Like What the Fuck, is this life about!!!

People please grow some BALLS and Vaginas that take a pounding!!!

It's been too long, since....

Well I've been up to a lot of work, editing and meeting new clients from all over New York... I'm even getting an opportunity to use office space to do photoshoots around the city...
I continue to learn, that putting all your efforts into one thing, is a BIG mistake... Spread your efforts out and see what returns you get, sometimes spreading yourself thin can be scary and a BIG mistake, but the more chances you take the more opportunities you can create...
Creation IS AWESOME!!!

What Is Wrong With This World!?!?!?

It's So Weird This World Of Mine! I'm Willing to give the World A Huge Hug & Work With Everyone, And the world just wants to give me a handshake & nod its head!? WTF is wrong with all of YOU!?!?!? Is it a color, race, ethnicity issue??? Are people afraid to admit it... Well whatever it is, I will keep working with any and everyone, who wants to work with me and is willing to give me an opportunity!!! Thank you very much!!!

My March Madness

This March 2014, I've seen loyalty that i thought was naturally built is gone for one client, even though i've bent over backwards for them time and time again! Now, if i'm called to photograph an event, I will give you my real rate, the one i've earned for working my ASS off for over 16yrs... I'm experiencing being used in my personal life, by someone who is more fucked up than ever, but i'm glad she's gone, hopefully she will move away!!! I'm now realizing this world of mine, has a lot more changes than the weather, i will deal with everything accordingly,you can take that to the bank!!!

September Boy Will I Remember

You know something people, the world will never understand true passion and that's a shame!!! From talking to so many event organizers and companies I realize, you don't get how important a photographer is to your world, but when you are in need of a memory you look to a celebrity as being the landmark for an event, rather than the cause or the people who are truly excited to be part of this amazing experience... I wish you would really wake up and understand an event has more to offer than just a step&repeat, with red carpet and photographers... And i takes a really well skilled photographer to tell the entire story of an event, so people of all ages can understand what happened and why this event was important... PASSION The World Is In Need Of YOU!!!

Sunny's Summer Was Awesome!!!

My Summer working with the Soundwaves group was awesome, worked every weekend in the hamptons and I LOVED it... Was a lot of driving, photographing and make people have fun... now i'm getting ready for fashion week, stay tuned to my new photo gallery for photos from all the events... See you next time...

I'm Trying To Go Into Videography baby...

Well since coming back from Vegas, I've had a lot of work to do, both for clients and for my business... Traveling has opening my mind's eyes ever more, New York is the richest and most powerful place on earth... With that said I have to make it happen here, but I'm still missing that one major counter part element to help me build on a personal side... Once I find you, I will never let you go!!!

Traveling Is A Workout

I went to Greece to photograph a wedding, the views were amazing but after I started missing a lot of the beautiful sceneries of New York, I got home sick, lol... Now i'm back to work, shooting events all over NYC and getting ready to go to Vegas for the first time ever!!! I'm very excited and I can't wait... Stay tuned for more of my crazy and exciting adventures because they're awesome...

It's May Day For Sunny Norton

So, some companies and I are no longer working together and I'm finally reevaluating working with some charities that just take advantage of the entire world...Sometimes, I question my career choice, its a difficult one, it does make me very excited to work with so many companies... Now that trip to Greece is coming up, I 'm a little nervous, I don't know what to expect and I'm afraid of leaving my Mom, i worry about her more than anything in the world... Her happiness is very important to me! I just have to enjoy and know that I deserve some wonderful things in my life...